CRM-deployment: vTiger, SugarCRM/SuiteCRM, PerfexCRM, Bitrix24 ( corporate portal ), Creatio Terrasoft
WEB-development: Bitrix, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Joomla, WP/WooCommerce, Simpla, Shop-Script, payment gateways, delivery modules, online-calculators
SAAS, cloud solutions integration: Shopify, Salesforce, Zoho, MailChimp, Dropbox, Google Analytics, PayPal etc
Interactive maps: Buildings floor plans, analytical heat maps and delivery planning optimization, GPS tracking.
Data exchanges, synchronization: website <=> ERP ( Dynamics, Navision ), CRM, WMS <=> SaaS
VOIP telephony deployment: integration of Asterisk, Twilio, Plivo, OkTell, Zadarma. Calls recording, transcription.
Parsers, crawlers, datamining: Automation of BigData collection and processing with GoLang and Rust
WareHouse automation: Pick-by-voice, speech and images recognition - smart goods search. QR marking.
LMS moodle: Automation of learning processes

Perfex CRM

Open source solution with growing popularity. It has a modern design and a fixed price for use. Can develop module or plugin you need, fix errors, integrate with external systems.

Creatio Terrasoft

CRM and BPM corporate level system. Can assist in data interchange with website, other systems, BPM processes programming, interface modifications.

Development of any modules. Optimization for work with large number of records.

Integration with the website, ERP, cloud services and telephony on Asterisk or voip-providers.

Full business automation.

B24 public, private apps creation and customization. Business processes programming. Leads flow automation, managers work control reports.

Integration with bitrix site, telephony, 1C ERP, WMS and other systems.

Bitrix CMS sites

Development of various plugins and modules. Speed Optimization. Caching configuration.

Integration with B24 CRM and messengers. Certified bitrix developer with partner status.

Little-known but handy open source CRM system for certain tasks. It has a good constructor, that allows to use it for storing and processing a variety of data. Can help with deploy, any modifications and integrations.

Installation and configuration. Custom Plugins and modules development.

Customisation of grading, completion and authorization mechanisms. Loading students, data from external systems.

Magento eShops

Design and seo —Āustomizations, modules programming. Dataload Optimization. Delivery, payment, import/export plugins development.

Smart search, Multisites support. Integration with CRM/ERP services: QuickBooks, Zoho, SalesForce etc.

Asterisk telephony

Telephony Asterisk Server setup, integration with CRM systems with functions like: customers identification by phone, automatic connection with the responsible manager, calls records, transcription and analytics.

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