Moodle - is an open-source, web-based Learning Management System, designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated platform to create personalised learning environment. This is the most well-known and popular LMS ( Learning Management System ) in the world. I can offer you services for deploy, modifications, programming and support of LMS moodle.

Custom plugins and modules development
Customization of grading, completion and authorization
Host, hosting configuration and Moodle installation
Loading students, courses from external systems
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Some examples of Moodle LMS relative works:
moodle (4) 1C (1) amo.crm (1) JS (1) bitrix (1) LDAP (1) SOAP (1)
Modification and support of Moodle LMS portal

Moodle and AMO.CRM ( integration: students automatic registration, tests results transfer. Users authentications IPs antifraud analytics report. Students, enrolments and courses import from xls.
#moodle #amo.crm
Academy of development and modern technologies.

Modification and technical support of Moodle LMS portals

Moodle and 1C ERP integration: transfer of students info, courses graduation results. Assistance system for Labor Ministry tests passing. Grading, completion, authorization subsystems revision. Mandatory questionnaires filling system after passing the final tests.
#moodle #1C
Additional education training center.

Synchronization ( SOAP ) of education portal ( Moodle ) with corporate site ( bitrix ).

Centralized LDAP authorization through corporate server. Data caching, estimation subsystem modification.
#moodle #bitrix #LDAP #SOAP
Remote online education - Software outsourcing company

Moodle LMS outputting format educational materials module improvement

Limiting the possibility of re-taking educational tests. Linking to the availability of up-to-date assessment. Attempts limit.
#moodle #JS
Additional education training center