Bitrix24 is the most popular Russian CRM, that recently extends intensively through the world and has a wide range of functions. In addition to classic CRM functions it has: telephony, omnichannel customers communication, website building. You can start using Bitrix24 in cloud, but then get on-premise version and host it. Thanks to the thoughtful bitrix API, you can write applications that will work equally with both: cloud and on-premise installations. I can help you with deploy, modifications, programming and support of Bitrix24 CRM.

Plugins and modules development for any purposes
Customization of invoiceing, procurement procedures, pricing system, clients communication and authorization
Bitrix24 on-premise installation and host configuration
Synchronization of products, payments, documents with external systems: QuickBooks, Dynamics, Navision, Odoo, 1C
Optimization for work with large number of documents, records, users
Telephony integration: Asterisk (, Twilio, Plivo )
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You are direct customer, not intermediary

Prefer to communicate direct with performer, not managers.

In code of your system no one can figure out

You need to fix some error in the system urgently

Want thoughtful solution with flexible architecture

In search of problem solution, not monkey-coder

Ready to pay for a qualitatively solved business problem

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Some examples of Bitrix24 CRM/ERP relative works:
Bitrix24 (7) ERP (2) OkTell (1) 1C (1) Asterisk (1) CRM (1)
Developing a report for Bitrix24

Display and analysis of incoming leads by status, connection type, department. Deadlines accounting.
#Bitrix24 #CRM
Internet communications provider

Modification of mass actions and archiving mechanism of Bitrix24

Climate equipment

Private b24 integration app with MS Access through MySql

B24 API php app for two direction integration with MS Access database through intermediate MySql. Use of triggers and onupdate fields. Access and MySQL communication via MySQL ODBC 8.0 Driver. The solution was also used in conjunction with MsSql. Can be used as public multi-tenant app. Modification time control for incremental updates and number reduction of sync B24 api requests. Sync of companies, contacts, leads, tasks, deals and its positions. Most B24 field types support. It is made universally - not hard to add any b24 entity. Own api, authorization library.
Spain b24 crm agency.

Support and development of corporate Bitrix portals with CRM, ERP functions.

Optimization of big database, deals flow business-processes, documents management. Verification of documents by QR code. OkTell telephony integration. Reports creation: financial results, forecast, salary calculation. Tree-like structured comments by roles for projects evaluating.
#Bitrix24 #OkTell #ERP
Group of companies. Industrial safety, certification.

Bitrix24 API app for import data transfer from cloud CRM

Transmitting data about leads, contacts, tasks, calls and linked comments
Lasertag equipment manufacturer

B24 corporate portal modifications

Linking settings, set of fields of lead's and client's forms to the department.
Private schools

Consulting and development of add-on reports for corporate system on B24. Exchange with 1C

Reports for control managers and operators activities, sales volume, customer's debts, calculation of salary, bonuses. Data interchange between corporate CRM system ( Bitrix24 ) and 1C7, 1C8. Interaction with telephony ( Asterisk )
#Bitrix24 #1C #Asterisk #ERP
Environmental safety, waste disposal services