An Open Source Customer Relationship Management system written in PHP. It is a fork of SugarCRM. Since 2008 vTigerCRM has become the basis for many other forks: SuiteCRM, YetiForce. Unlike classic CRM, it allows to automate not only sales and support, but also related aspects — payments, project management, warehouse. VTiger is suitable for small and medium-sized companies involved in B2B business, especially with a long sales cycle and B2C, engaged in the provision of services. I can help you with deploy, modifications, programming and support of CRM vTiger

Plugins and modules development for any purposes
Customization of invoiceing, procurement, pricing, clients communication and authorization
vTigerCRM installation and host configuration
Synchronization of products, payments, invoices, other documents with external systems
Optimization for work with large number of documents.
Asterisk (, voip ) telephony integration.
Prefer solve real business problems - not fictional.. Contact me if:

You are direct customer, not intermediary

Prefer to communicate direct with performer, not managers.

In code of your system no one can figure out

You need to fix some error in the system urgently

Want thoughtful solution with flexible architecture

In search of problem solution, not monkey-coder

Ready to pay for a qualitatively solved business problem

Some examples of vTiger CRM relative works:
vTiger (8) 1C (3) CRM (3) Asterisk (3) WMS (2) JS (2) php (2) ERP (2) Pentaho (1) BI (1) Speech recognition (1) EDI (1) REST (1) simplaCMS (1) SOAP (1)
vTiger 7 CRM deployment for large logistic company

Leads, deals processing and tasks control automatization. Asterisk telephony. Additional business entities modules creation. SOAP integration with IBM Lotus Notes. --- Custom field types. Universal mechanism for setting field relationships. Dynamic interface improvements for convenient information representation.
#vTiger #Asterisk #SOAP - International transport company

vTiger CRM support and modifications. Asterisk and 1C ERP integration.

Module for importing payments from 1C ERP. Asterisk telephony integration. Automatic contracts pdf forms generation based on doc templates. Report for monitoring invoices, payments and uploading data to 1C. App for import to 1C.
#vTiger #1C #Asterisk
Procurement education center

Kind of goods warehouse pick-by-voice crm integrated app

Special table with support of speech recognition input for quick products identification upon acceptance on depot from the suppliers.
#vTiger #Speech recognition #WMS #CRM #JS #php - Electrical products wholesale supply, b2b-bases

CRM vTiger improvements and import/export modules

Menu by roles. VGSGanttCharts module revision. Import/Export module for germany ebay branch and others
#vTiger #CRM
Goods from germany supply

vTiger CRM deploying, exchange with several accounting 1C bases

Module to receive contragents info from federal bases by taxpayer identification number.
#vTiger #1C
Certification, licensing, obtaining construction permits EDI integration with corporate CRM/ERP system.

Universal HTTP client-library for working with API from PHP. Obtaining data of counteragents, various types documents - purchases invoices import, comparison with data in ERP. Diadoc documents display inside ERP interface, click-through to the document card in Diadoc.
#EDI #vTiger #ERP #JS #php #REST - Electrical products wholesale supply, b2b-bases

vTiger CRM and SimplaCMS site dev.

Automation of invoices, payments import, pricings, email requests processing, leads generation, printed documents preparation. Asterisk telephony integration. Data exchange with 1C ( ERP ), web-site. Logistic planning interactive map. Product images similarity calculation algorithm. As a result of improvements many business KPIs have been increased: requests number processed by manager, warehouse turnover, etc. Algorithm of multiworded goods names declination ( paid replace )
#vTiger #ERP #WMS #CRM #Asterisk #simplaCMS - Electrical products wholesale supply, b2b-bases

Consulting and implementation of sales analysis system on vTigerCRM, 1C ERP and BI-systems

Uploading sales and plans in vTiger CRM from Business Intelligence systems ( Pentaho, deductor BI ) and accounting database ( 1C ). Sales dynamics by managers tracking reports.
#vTiger #1C #Pentaho #BI
Parts supplier