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Kind of goods warehouse pick-by-voice crm integrated app

Special table with support of speech recognition input for quick products identification upon acceptance on depot from the suppliers.
#vTiger #Speech recognition #WMS #CRM #JS #php - Electrical products wholesale supply, b2b-bases EDI integration with corporate CRM/ERP system.

Universal HTTP client-library for working with API from PHP. Obtaining data of counteragents, various types documents - purchases invoices import, comparison with data in ERP. Diadoc documents display inside ERP interface, click-through to the document card in Diadoc.
#EDI #vTiger #ERP #JS #php #REST - Electrical products wholesale supply, b2b-bases

NKN and mysterium nodes installer by certain algorithm

Installation system linked to opensource nkn node monitoring system, written in GoLang using wasm in the browser. SOCKS5 proxy usage. Running php scripts directly from go code using
#GoLang #crypto #php #wasm #JS
NKN and mysterium nodes net holder

.NET twain protocol network scanner app.

Modification and linking with external API for the app, written on C#/.net as win-service with js/html one page interface. Immediate Scans sending to specific host.
#twain #C# #.NET #JS

Selecting seats system in the circus auditorium

Interactive scheme of the circus hall on svg, D3.js
#WebAssyst #php #JS
Representatives of the Moscow circus

Boolean truth table analyzer

Interface for constructing minimal disjunctive and conjunctive forms of boolean functions, given in the form of a truth table.
#JS #math

Moodle LMS outputting format educational materials module improvement

Limiting the possibility of re-taking educational tests. Linking to the availability of up-to-date assessment. Attempts limit.
#moodle #JS
Additional education training center