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Development new version of software store on Bitrix

Integration with Google Analytics, Assist, 1C. Catalog hierarchical display. Chronological prices import. Accounting by license. Positional accounting of statuses in orders. Option for herarchically specifying meta tags, descriptions (as templates) for catalog sections, positions.
#bitrix #1C #php
Soft supply

Development of automated autoparts wholesale system

Definition of accounting model, documents exchange with suppliers and customers. Ordering, analogs selection, contracts, interchange with prices, invoices, bills, balance control, prices and discounts formation, customs declarations, return of goods. Documents parsing and generation. Integration with "1C trade control" ( in real time, by COM ). Delphi application for prices analysis. Configuration of own win server. Barcode scanner and label printer connection. Win-server tuning, database optimization.
#bitrix #1C #Delphi #ERP
Autoparts supply

Consulting and implementation of sales analysis system on vTigerCRM, 1C ERP and BI-systems

Uploading sales and plans in vTiger CRM from Business Intelligence systems ( Pentaho, deductor BI ) and accounting database ( 1C ). Sales dynamics by managers tracking reports.
#vTiger #1C #Pentaho #BI
Parts supplier

vTiger CRM deploying, exchange with several accounting 1C bases

Module to receive contragents info from federal bases by taxpayer identification number.
#vTiger #1C
Certification, licensing, obtaining construction permits

Bitrix site redevelopment. Paypal payment module.

Speed optimization. Partners affiliate program creation. Exchange with 1C.
#bitrix #paypal #1C
Car radiators supplier

Support, multiple improvements and modules for bitrix eshop

Unordinary pricelists import module for bitrix shop with suppliers profiles and price markups. Hierarchical popup menu, online-consultant function. Separate preorder products accounting. Special prices activation from predefined amount in the basket.
#bitrix #1C #optimization
Wholesale electronics supply

Website development ( SimplaCMS ) and maintenance, integration with ERP ( 1C )

Accounting in the context of the characteristics ( sizes, probes ) and suppliers. Creation of offline product catalog, based on a website for transfer on disks and flash drives.
#simplaCMS #1C

Consulting and development of add-on reports for corporate system on B24. Exchange with 1C

Reports for control managers and operators activities, sales volume, customer's debts, calculation of salary, bonuses. Data interchange between corporate CRM system ( Bitrix24 ) and 1C7, 1C8. Interaction with telephony ( Asterisk )
#Bitrix24 #1C #Asterisk #ERP
Environmental safety, waste disposal services

Modification and technical support of Moodle LMS portals

Moodle and 1C ERP integration: transfer of students info, courses graduation results. Assistance system for Labor Ministry tests passing. Grading, completion, authorization subsystems revision. Mandatory questionnaires filling system after passing the final tests.
#moodle #1C
Additional education training center.

vTiger CRM support and modifications. Asterisk and 1C ERP integration.

Module for importing payments from 1C ERP. Asterisk telephony integration. Automatic contracts pdf forms generation based on doc templates. Report for monitoring invoices, payments and uploading data to 1C. App for import to 1C.
#vTiger #1C #Asterisk
Procurement education center