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Bitrix site support and modifications

Integration with payment gateways of banks "MasterBank", "Russian Standart". Mobile platforms design adaptation. Exchange with 1C. Booking system improvements.
Apartments rent agency

Integration of CRM with tailored app for barcodes scan

Display of info about products from CRM in barcodes scanner app, written on java ( )
#java #WMS #CMS - Electrical products wholesale supply, b2b-bases

Interactive floor maps of shopping centers

Creation of floor plans for "French boulevard", "5 lakes", "CityMall", "London-Mall" etc Modules for popular CMS ( joomla, wordpress )
#joomla #WordPress #maps
Commercial property management in Saint-Petersburg

Modification and support of Moodle LMS portal

Moodle and AMO.CRM ( integration: students automatic registration, tests results transfer. Users authentications IPs antifraud analytics report. Students, enrolments and courses import from xls.
#moodle #amo.crm
Academy of development and modern technologies.

SimplaCms site. Programming, design, filling, modules dev.

Min order quantity constraint. Wholesale discounts from the number of orders, purchase volumes for the period. Cumulative discounts, coupons. Payment module via pdf invoice generation.
Antennas manufacturing and sale.

vTiger CRM support and modifications. Asterisk and 1C ERP integration.

Module for importing payments from 1C ERP. Asterisk telephony integration. Automatic contracts pdf forms generation based on doc templates. Report for monitoring invoices, payments and uploading data to 1C. App for import to 1C.
#vTiger #1C #Asterisk
Procurement education center

Calculator of customs payments and shipping costs

Customs payments calculator ( duty, excise ) on the basis of customs operations statistics. Joomla Components. Cross-border goods delivery rates aggregator, based on transport companies APIs.
Customs clearance of goods, international logistics

Consulting and development of add-on reports for corporate system on B24. Exchange with 1C

Reports for control managers and operators activities, sales volume, customer's debts, calculation of salary, bonuses. Data interchange between corporate CRM system ( Bitrix24 ) and 1C7, 1C8. Interaction with telephony ( Asterisk )
#Bitrix24 #1C #Asterisk #ERP
Environmental safety, waste disposal services

Modification and technical support of Moodle LMS portals

Moodle and 1C ERP integration: transfer of students info, courses graduation results. Assistance system for Labor Ministry tests passing. Grading, completion, authorization subsystems revision. Mandatory questionnaires filling system after passing the final tests.
#moodle #1C
Additional education training center.

vTiger CRM and SimplaCMS site dev.

Automation of invoices, payments import, pricings, email requests processing, leads generation, printed documents preparation. Asterisk telephony integration. Data exchange with 1C ( ERP ), web-site. Logistic planning interactive map. Product images similarity calculation algorithm. As a result of improvements many business KPIs have been increased: requests number processed by manager, warehouse turnover, etc. Algorithm of multiworded goods names declination ( paid replace )
#vTiger #ERP #WMS #CRM #Asterisk #simplaCMS - Electrical products wholesale supply, b2b-bases