Software engineer, business analyst with experience in development, integrations of CRM, ERP, WMS, LMS systems, business automation, data processing and e-commerce. b24, vTiger, Sugar, 1C, Creatio Participated in the construction of IT infrastructure and processes from zero (Corporate network, site, CRM, accounting, warehouse, delivery, telephony) for a wholesale company that has reached a 20 million $ annual turnover. I have experience of team working in a large international logistics company as well as project work with many small/medium businesses from different fields. Worked a lot with LMS moodle, Asterisk telephony, SEO optimizations. In recent years had deal with multithreaded parsers on GO and bigdata processing scripts on Rust with low memory consumption.

You can find me on: CV in PDF

  • 2003:
    Novosibirsk Computer Academy Course "Graphic-designer and web-master"
  • 2004 - 2006:
    Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU) Lyceum Physico-mathematical class
  • 2004 - 2006:
    Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU) Special physical school
  • 2006 - 2010:
    NSTU (Novosibirsk State Technical University) Faculty of applied mathematics and informatics. Speciality: mathematician-programmer. Bachelor. Diploma "Coding of information by holographic method".
  • 2008:
    Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU) center of additional education Course "1С accounting developer" ( popular accounting ERP program in Russia )
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CRM/ERP/WMS/LMS, corporate portals integration, optimization of business processes, document management and logistics. Knowledge of 1C solutions ( Bitrix, Trade control, Accounting ), CRM ( B24, vTiger, Sugar, Creatio TerraSoft ). Familiarity with ERP ( SCM, WMS ) systems functionality: Odoo, ERPNext, Dynamics. Understanding of accounting. Voip telephony ( Asterisk, OkTell, Twilio ), Learning Management Systems ( Moodle ). Knowledge in web-marketing, usability, SEO, writing selling texts, customers communication. Huge experience in online stores customization on various CMS: bitrix, magento, joomla, OpenCart, WebAssyst, WordPress/WooCommerce, Simpla, Shopify, UMI.CMS etc.. I almost forgot - have driving В-category licence)

Actively: PHP ( modern 8+ not bad ), JS ( Vue, JQuery ), 1C8.
Sometimes: Go ( CoRoutines ❤ ), Rust ( ownership, borrowing forever ), Python. Slightly: TS, Java ( so-so ), C#, Pascal ( Delphi )

Databases, Message Brokers (MQ), Caching
Actively: MySQL ( profiling, replication, transactions )
Sometimes: PostgreSQL, MsSQL, SQLite, memcache, redis, RabbitMQ, MsAccess Slightly: Mongo, Sphinx ( MantiCore ), ClickHouse

Knowledge of architecture: laravel, symfony and django.
Developed own light php8 framework with inherited apps hierarchical structure.

web, design, graphics, devops, pm, etc..
HTML ( block, flex, grid adaptive layout markup, SVG ), CSS ( Sass, SCSS ), PhotoShop, Administration ( apache, nginx, unit, IIS, *nix ), Virtualization ( Proxmox, Docker, Compose ), Project management systems ( redmine, jira ), version control ( git, gitlab ), UML designing, OOP patterns, MVC, ORM, regular expressions, XSLT, REST, SOAP, network protocols TCP/IP, WebSockets, Understanding of microservice architecture, the work of orchestrators like Kubernetes.

Languages knowledge
English - can easily read and translate, including technical texts. Russian - native. Spanish - studying.

html cssnode.JSphplaravellinuxmoodlejavascript1crustbitrix24asteriskmysqlpythonpostgresSqlsugarCrmvTigerperfexgolangsymfony
Experience, Jobs, Projects
Software Developer. Business Analyst. Fulltime.
2020-02 - 2023-04
Electrical products wholesale supply company, b2b-bases

GoLang multithread spider for parsing legal entities info ( contacts, addresses, etc ) from millions of arbitrary organizations websites for company project ( base of russian legal entities ).

Similar sites сalculation based on search engines results with RUST. Processing a giant sites intersections array, which requires hundreds gigabytes of RAM without optimizations and smart data sorting with heuristics. Succeeded to calculate on one PC in a couple of days for all Runet sites ( yandex, google SERP ).

Participation in the development of ( russian most complete database of electrical products ). Suppliers, catalogs data aggregation. Morphological trigram based search based on Sphinx ( Manticore ).

Speech recognition input for quick products identification upon acceptance on depot from the suppliers. Display of info about products from CRM in barcodes scanner app, written on java ( )

GoLang (1) parsing (1) BigData (3) RUST (1) java (1) WMS (2) CMS (1) Sphinx (1) Manticore (1) vTiger (2) Speech recognition (1) CRM (1) JS (2) php (2) EDI (1) ERP (1) REST (1)
CRM-Developer with analyst functions. Part time position.
2017-10 - 2020-02
international transport company
vTiger 7 CRM deployment for large logistic company
Leads, deals processing and tasks control automatization. Asterisk telephony. Additional business entities modules creation. SOAP integration with IBM Lotus Notes. --- Custom field types. Universal mechanism for setting field relationships. Dynamic interface improvements for convenient information representation.
Programmer-analyst. Part time position.
2016-12 - 2020-02
Electrotechnical products supply

vTiger CRM and SimplaCMS site dev. Automation of invoices, payments import, pricings, email requests processing, leads generation, printed documents preparation. Asterisk telephony integration. Data exchange with 1C ( ERP ), web-site. Logistic planning interactive map. Product images similarity calculation algorithm. As a result of improvements many business KPIs have been increased: requests number processed by manager, warehouse turnover, etc. Algorithm of multiworded goods names declination ( paid replace )

Project direct work with many customers. Freelance.
From 2009
Some clients:
Support and development of corporate Bitrix portals with CRM, ERP functions.
Optimization of big database, deals flow business-processes, documents management. Verification of documents by QR code. OkTell telephony integration. Reports creation: financial results, forecast, salary calculation. Tree-like structured comments by roles for projects evaluating.
Group of companies. Industrial safety, certification.

Modification and technical support of Moodle LMS portals
Moodle and 1C ERP integration: transfer of students info, courses graduation results. Assistance system for Labor Ministry tests passing. Grading, completion, authorization subsystems revision. Mandatory questionnaires filling system after passing the final tests.
Additional education training center.

Speed optimization and security audit of bitrix e-store
BITRIX "Composite Site" caching technology implementing. Mechanism of adding products to favorites above the cache. Searching and fixing of security vulnerabilities.
Known jewelry store chain in Russia

Private b24 integration app with MS Access through MySql
B24 API php app for two direction integration with MS Access database through intermediate MySql. Use of triggers and onupdate fields. Access and MySQL communication via MySQL ODBC 8.0 Driver. The solution was also used in conjunction with MsSql. Can be used as public multi-tenant app. Modification time control for incremental updates and number reduction of sync B24 api requests. Sync of companies, contacts, leads, tasks, deals and its positions. Most B24 field types support. It is made universally - not hard to add any b24 entity. Own api, authorization library.
Spain b24 crm agency.

Customization of Magento shop
Quick order, delivery calculation. Modification of shipment module.
Production of alarm and access control systems

CRM creatio terrasoft improvements and site integration
Leads address verification by yandex.maps API. Leads display on map from lists. Selling flats export to company wordpress site.
estate agency

ERP DynamicsNAV 7 (2013) and Bitrix shop integration
Using OData ( average between REST and SOAP ) web services and NTLM authentication ( emulation in php ). Transfer of orders, statuses, stocks updating.
Men's clothing

Development new version of software store on Bitrix
Integration with Google Analytics, Assist, 1C. Catalog hierarchical display. Chronological prices import. Accounting by license. Positional accounting of statuses in orders. Option for herarchically specifying meta tags, descriptions (as templates) for catalog sections, positions.
Soft supply

Bitrix site support and modifications
Integration with payment gateways of banks "MasterBank", "Russian Standart". Mobile platforms design adaptation. Exchange with 1C. Booking system improvements.
Apartments rent agency

Development of automated autoparts wholesale system
Definition of accounting model, documents exchange with suppliers and customers. Ordering, analogs selection, contracts, interchange with prices, invoices, bills, balance control, prices and discounts formation, customs declarations, return of goods. Documents parsing and generation. Integration with "1C trade control" ( in real time, by COM ). Delphi application for prices analysis. Configuration of own win server. Barcode scanner and label printer connection. Win-server tuning, database optimization.
Autoparts supply

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2008-01 - 2009-08
( Software outsourcing company )
Team-development of Bitrix corporate portal
Integration of tickets reservation systems ( Sirena, Amadeus )
Siberian Aero Transport Agency

Synchronization ( SOAP ) of education portal ( Moodle ) with corporate site ( bitrix ).
Centralized LDAP authorization through corporate server. Data caching, estimation subsystem modification.
Remote online education

Personal qualities
Analytical mind, intellectual curiosity, ability of discovering required information and find unordinary solutions.
Teatimes) Also trekking and travelling - subscribe to my channel